Fun Jobs: Scoop Magazine Comic Strip. Esme Tulley Business Card Design. Jacob Easing Repeated Noods Radio Artwork. Ibn Itaka ‘Colours’ Flyer. Handy Supply Co. T-shirt Design. Ziran T-shirt design, promotional work and surfboard fin design. Keiken repeated poster design and event coordination London OXO tower, Berlin, Falmouth. Helmet Records regular event coordination and flyer / cover photo Design. Gnargoyle exhibition coordination Stour space, London. Bears, Beats and Bagels logo Design. The soul Hole Poster Design. 700ok Poster Design and event coordination. Stay Put and Global Roots flyer design. Turn End Record Label Logo Design. Less Fun Jobs: 1 year Chef Experience at Chi Restaurant Kenton. 2 Years General Assistant At Sainsbury’s Dawlish. On-going part-time garden contractor assistant. 1 Year Lifeguarding At Golden Sands Dawlish.